Time will Tell ebook cover.jpg

Haunting secrets. Broken dreams. A heart-warming journey to new beginnings.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds…

Just when Sabrina Danvers thinks she saw it all, her commitment-phobic on-and-off boyfriend proposes—to his pregnant other girlfriend. Fed up with his behaviors, she leaves him and the Windy City behind to start over in the City of Magnificent Distances, where her work gives her the satisfaction of helping others to cope with their personal tragedies. Maybe happily-ever-after just isn’t in her books.

Scott Butler is doing fine—no shrink needed! But when a secret that his girlfriend took to her grave shakes up his life, he wonders if he ever knew the woman he wanted to marry. Then he meets Sabrina, and the comfort he finds in her company soon goes deeper than just companionship. Is he strong enough to open his heart to another woman—especially one who has as many scars as he does?

TIME WILL TELL is an emotional story about overcoming the past and finding the strength and motivation to move on.