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As an avid reader, it bothers me when I buy a book and find it peppered with mistakes. Nothing takes the fun out of reading faster than careless editing. I know that everybody makes mistakes; it can't be avoided. But so many mistakes or inconsistencies in the story line can be caught easily by a professional proofreader or copy editor.


In 2017, I was a beta reader for the first time. That wonderful experience, and the knowledge that I had a small impact in the creation of a new book, planted the seed to turn my love for books into a profession. And in 2018, I founded Annette's Blue Pencil, my freelance editing business. 

Since then, several best-selling authors have trusted me with their manuscripts. Whether I'm only giving it a thorough read-through before it is ready to be uploaded on Amazon, or I'm involved throughout the writing process, my services are tailored to the author's needs. 

Don't hesitate to reach out and contact me either on Facebook or directly here