Who is Annette G. Anders?

Annette G. Anders grew up in Germany with a love for books, music and traveling instilled by her parents. She always liked the idyllic world created by Astrid Lindgren, loves listening to ABBA, but also enjoys classical music. When she can’t travel, Annette explores the world through the eyes of her favorite writers.


Annette has worked for many years as an Executive Assistant in Germany and Switzerland. In 1998, she and her husband moved to the United States, where they welcomed and raised their son. In 2018, she turned her love for books into a freelance editing career and, in 2019, found the inspiration and courage to write her first novel, TURN BACK TIME, which won the 2021 NIEA award.


In her stories, Annette explores relationship questions, how events from our past influence decisions in the present, and what it takes to follow our dreams. Her characters are relatable and have flaws they try to overcome, and her stories are intriguing and pull the reader right in. They make the reader laugh, and cry - they are believable!


When Annette isn’t working on a new book, she enjoys reading, photography, traveling, and spending time with friends.


Annette looks forward to hearing from readers. Follow her on social media and stay in touch.



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