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Sometimes leaving is the only way home. 

Mimi Albizia, thirty and recovering from an upsetting and disheartening incident, is at the end of a six-month sabbatical in Verona, Italy. Before resuming her old life in Boston—where she has to face the cause of her upset again—she spends a final weekend in Venice to soak up the atmosphere of mystery and romance in its labyrinth of narrow streets and canals. But after a fleeting encounter with Jake, she takes home something more than a lovely memory—namely, a yearning she can’t quench.

Jake Bellini is in no rush to take over the responsibility of helming his family’s resort hotel on Martha’s Vineyard. At thirty-three, he prefers life at his uncle’s Tuscan vineyard, where he pursues his love for winemaking and keeps his relationships casual. Until Mimi stirs up new longings—and he realizes life is about much more than grapes and sunsets.

With the centers of their lives thousands of miles apart, how can they overcome the gap between the weathered coast of New England and the rolling hills of Tuscany? 

BELLINI’S MIMOSA is a story about families, taking risks and following your heart.


How much would you give up to be with the one you love? Have you ever been plagued by such a dilemma? Bellini’s Mimosa by Annette G. Anders was like a Romeo and Juliet story built around family, work, friendship, joy, challenges, betrayal, and tears. I loved the unique plot, the lighthearted yet educative storyline, development, and dialog. Mimi’s character appealed to me because she was flawed yet wholesome. Jake matched her perfectly. Sally also reminded me never to judge a book by its cover, and she gained my respect. The situation with Derek is a regular but unfortunate occurrence in our world, where women get the blame for sexual assault by men. The world shames them, which has led to silence from victims and increased audacity from their abusers. Annette is a fantastic storyteller, and I enjoyed the first book in the Colors of Happiness series. Is there hope for Paloma and Matt?

Jennifer Ibiam for Readers' Favorite

I always think that the best romance novels are those that don’t shy away from some of the harsher realities of life, and author Annette G. Anders has certainly achieved a great balance of realistic situations and struggles in this novel, whilst also maintaining a hopeful and positive view of love and its many possibilities for happiness. I also really enjoyed the emphasis on family and being an adult, which made the work feel far less idealized and helped me to believe in the emotional investment that Mimi and Jake had in one another. This produces a profoundly emotional novel where true love, not mere romance, takes center stage. As such, I’d certainly recommend Bellini's Mimosa as a must-read for fans of contemporary romance everywhere.

K. C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

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Annette G. Anders is a master storyteller, and she does not disappoint with Bellini’s Mimosa. The descriptions are breathtaking and so realistic. Reading the story is enough to place readers right beside Mimi and Jake as they navigate the hurdles of love and their dreams. The narrative is transporting, the pace of the story is fast, and the characters are lovable, to say the least. The descriptions of Tuscany, Jake’s love for winemaking, and his desire to make Mimi a part of his life are so well written that I almost fell in love with Mimi as well. The different POVs make it very easy to form a connection with both of the protagonists. The story may be simple, but its execution is priceless! I highly recommend Bellini’s Mimosa!

Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

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