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Everything has a past. And every past has a story.


Losing her artisan café hurt Paloma Schlemmer more than breaking up with any boyfriend ever did.  While setting new goals and planning out her future, she accepts a job at a friend’s catering business on Martha’s Vineyard.


Alas, her pal's sexy, cool-as-mint brother soon shakes up more than her focus on work, and when ignoring her feelings doesn’t work quite so well anymore, Paloma finds herself not just in a pickle, but knee-deep in an entire dill barrel. 


And as if that’s not enough, when will her ex finally get that she’ll never partner with him again?


Matt Bellini steels himself for another busy season at his family’s resort hotel—with neither time nor desire for dating. Until his sister’s new catering manager becomes a totally-unasked-for distraction.


The more Matt is determined to ignore his unsettling longings, the more Paloma sneaks under his skin like no other woman. But when one misunderstanding breaks their fragile bond, Matt is at a total loss about how to fix it.


Famously, trouble always comes in threes, and when old acquaintances approach Matt with some hair-raising requests, his meticulously-planned life threatens to spin out of control—a feeling he’s not used to. At all.


What does it take for Paloma and Matt to jump into the cold water together and navigate the currents of love?


PALOMA IN A PICKLE is a story of shattered dreams and believing in the future.

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