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Book Club Questions about TIME WILL TELL:

1. Sabrina’s discovery of her ex-boyfriend’s newest “stunt” is the final straw and prompts her to leave her old life behind and start over somewhere new. Can you relate to her decision?

2. Scotty is still in a daze after his girlfriend’s tragic death when a secret she took to her grave rattles his world. What would your reaction to the letter have been? Would you have followed up on the letter or ignored it?

3. Scotty and Sabrina feel an instant connection at her interview luncheon. Have you ever experienced something similar?

4. Scotty is deeply wounded by Marnie’s betrayals. Do you think he would’ve healed faster/differently if he hadn’t found out about Jordan and her other secrets?


5. What did you think of Scotty’s decision to stay in touch with Marnie’s parents?


6. Sabrina’s support system consists mostly of her friend Carlita, her brother David, and his wife Stella. Why do you think she connects so easily with Scotty?

7. What did you think of Marnie’s sister, Allie? Why did she keep Marnie’s secrets to herself all those years? What do you think of her infatuation with Scotty?


8. COVID happened early in the story and impacted Scotty and Sabrina’s lives differently. What do you think of their decision to still meet and spend time together?


9. Babies are popping up everywhere around Scotty and Sabrina. Did that bother you? Do you think it influenced their decision to try for a child so early in their relationship?


10. Where do you see Scotty and Sabrina in five/ten years?

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