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Book Club Questions about IN DUE TIME:

1. What did you think of Naomi’s lifelong infatuation with Revan?

A) Why can’t she let go of it?

B) Did it bother you that she had boyfriends in those years?

2. What was your reaction to Revan’s refusal to admit to his feelings for Naomi?

3. Why do you think he never “saw” her as a woman?

4. When did Revan start noticing her as the woman he wants to share his life with?

5. What changed between them on their trip to Charleston?

6. Why do you think Gram Annie intervened? Should she have stayed out of it?

7. Naomi and Revan get married quickly.

A) What did you think of that? Should they have waited?

B) What was your reaction to their decision to elope?


8. Where do you see Naomi and Revan in five/ten years?

A) Where will they live?

B) How many children do you think they’ll have?

C) Will Revan go back on his dangerous assignments?

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