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Book Club Questions about TIME IS ETERNITY:

1. Josephine and Luca fell in love with each other without noticing. When do you think their relationship changed?

2. What was your reaction to their spontaneous sex? Do you agree with their decision not to pursue a romantic relationship?

3. What was your reaction to the unplanned pregnancy?

4. Did the mention of COVID bother you in this story?


5. Why didn’t Jo accept her mom’s offer to move temporarily back to Philadelphia?

6. What did you think of George? Do you think he would’ve been boyfriend-material for Jo?


7. Do you agree with Jo’s secrecy about investing money through George? What would you have done differently?

8. What was your reaction to Jo’s refusal to keep the money from George’s mom?


9. Where do you see Jo and Luca in five/ten years?

Do you think they will eventually move back to Philadelphia to be with their friends and families?

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