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Book Club Questions about TURN BACK TIME:

1. In the first chapter, David approaches Stella and startles her by singing with her.

A) What was your initial reaction when you read the scene?

B) What would’ve been your reaction?

C) Would you have accepted his invitation to lunch?


2. What do you think drew Stella and David to each other? Not only in the beginning, but throughout the book.

3. While Stella can’t seem to let go of the past, Naomi is determined to free her BFF from David’s grasp.

A) How do you feel about Naomi’s advice to stop dwelling in the past and to focus on the future?

B) How do you feel about Naomi’s reaction throughout the book to David?


4. When Stella catches a fleeting glimpse of David at the Paris Opera House, she runs away.

A) Were you surprised by her reaction?

B) How would you have reacted?


5. Knowing Stella is back in Paris on Wednesday, David needs to see her.

A) Were you surprised he waited for her in front of the US Embassy?

B) What did you think of Stella’s reaction when she saw him?

C) What did you think of Naomi’s reaction to him?


6. David tells Stella, “We wear so many different masks throughout our lives, it’s easy to hide behind them. We disguise our fears with anger. We fake laughter when we want to cry. But worst is the shield of ambition. In our yearning for success, we’re often denying ourselves the one thing we really want.”

A) Do you agree? Have you ever hidden behind a mask?

B) Behind which mask does David hide?

7. At the end of their week in London, Stella is on the brink of breaking up with David.

A) Were you surprised?

B) Can you relate to Stella’s fears?

C) Did David’s reaction surprise you?

8. Imagine Stella and David in five/ten years.

A) Where do you think they live?

B) Do you think they’ll have children?

C) Will David go back to performing?

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