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Praise for Turn Back Time

Author Annette G. Anders has crafted a truly charming romance and work of drama for mature reading audiences, one which commits itself to true realism in its depth of feeling, as well as the highs and lows that life delivers to us. One of the things which impressed me the most in this novel was the presentation of character, which takes center stage as we get to know the past and present of our central couple, as well as begin to hope for their future. The dialogue is witty and flows well to move the story forward, but it also has some truly raw moments of realism that will pluck at the heart-strings. Overall, I would highly recommend Turn Back Time as a must-read for fans of contemporary drama with much realism and accomplished prose.

 K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Turn Back Time is a beautiful story that is believable; it is inspiring and I fell in love with the characters. The descriptions are wonderful and readers can easily imagine the setting, how the characters look, and what they feel. For instance, in the opening pages, I caught a glimpse, in my mind’s eye, of the slender brunette in a red sundress sitting on one of the benches under a canopy of lush green trees, her upper body swaying rhythmically as she sings. The writing is at times insightful. The novel teaches a powerful story about love, forgiveness, and second chances. Annette G. Anders has the gift of bringing to life characters that are emotionally rich and writing scenes that are intense. A gorgeous story with a lot to delight readers. I can’t wait for the next book in this enthralling adventure in love.

Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

Annette G. Anders does a wonderful job in writing the characters and they feel real from the moment readers encounter them for the first time. The writing is filled with details that add color to the lives of the characters and depth to their personalities. The international setting is beautifully written and I enjoyed how the culture and atmosphere in the French cities are captured in the writing. The stream of consciousness is a skill the author uses to explore the psychological world of the characters and to build the internal conflict. Turn Back Time is delightful, balanced, and emotionally engaging; it is one of the most beautiful stories I have read on second chances.

 Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

A wonderful story about second chances and two people trying to mend a relationship that was once broken. While it is about taking second chances, Turn Back Time is filled with emotional energy and I loved the way Annette G. Anders explores the hearts of the characters. They are real and written into situations that readers encounter every day, so it is easy to root for the characters. I particularly enjoyed the lessons that David learns while experiencing loneliness; it is like he discovers the value of the woman he has loved only after losing her. Stella has a large heart and her journey towards compassion is beautifully written. Turn Back Time has strong lessons and the potential to keep readers awake.

Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

I was hooked from the moment I met the characters. They meet in an interesting way and I loved the way Annette G. Anders writes about the thoughts of David when he hears Stella singing. The initial reaction of Stella when David strikes up a conversation with her is very natural and their relationship builds in a way that feels natural too. Turn Back Time has a lot for readers — especially entertainment and inspiration. Most people have fallen in and out of love, and sometimes things don’t work because they refuse to accept second chances. In this novel, the author explores very strong and important questions. And in the heart of the story is the message that we can choose to walk past our hurts and embrace the beauty of love. It is told in an engrossing voice and in beautiful prose. The writing is confident —the kind of confidence David displays when he first meets Stella. Character development is stellar and the characters are genuinely flawed. Turn Back Time is a story that proves that we can always turn the page to where we left off, especially when we want to love and grow. I was immersed in this story and I bet that many readers will have the same experience.

 Gobi Jane for Readers' Favorite

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