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Love isn’t science, nor is it written in the stars. It isn’t always patient either.

Grace Petrucci strongly disbelieves in marriage—and divorce statistics prove she’s right. Casual dates are fine as long as there are no silly expectations, but her tomboy façade begins to crack when she runs into her nerdy stepcousin… Don’t ask, it’s complicated.

Doling out dating advice is easy for life coach Ashton Waterman. Love, like life, is all about order, and it really isn’t too hard to develop a plan and stick to it. His own love life? Well… No woman can compare to the one he once thought could hang the moon.

When Grace and Ashton unexpectedly cross paths in Las Vegas, a night of unforeseen events ends in more than Elvis crooning “Love Me Tender.”

Will what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas, or has the Marriage Capital of the World duped another couple into happily-ever-after?

Read: Coming December 2024 

Listen: Coming Spring 2025

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