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Book Trailer - TIME WILL TELL

National Indie Excellence Awards, Relationships (2022)

Haunting secrets. Broken dreams. A heart-warming journey to new beginnings.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds…

Just when Sabrina Danvers thinks she saw it all, her commitment-phobic on-and-off boyfriend proposes—to his pregnant other girlfriend. Fed up with his behaviors, she leaves him and the Windy City behind to start over in the City of Magnificent Distances, where her work gives her the satisfaction of helping others to cope with their personal tragedies. Maybe happily-ever-after just isn’t in her books.

Scott Butler is doing fine—no shrink needed! But when a secret that his girlfriend took to her grave shakes up his life, he wonders if he ever knew the woman he wanted to marry. Then he meets Sabrina, and the comfort he finds in her company soon goes deeper than just companionship. Is he strong enough to open his heart to another woman—especially one who has as many scars as he does?

TIME WILL TELL is an emotional story about overcoming the past and finding the strength and motivation to move on.


Annette G. Anders has written an interesting story in Time Will Tell (The Full Circle Series Book 4). Sabrina and Scott have both had their share of heartache, though for different reasons, but fate brings them together and they have a shot at happiness. The story was well written. It jumped straight into the plot, with Sabrina learning that her ex had well and truly moved on and Scott still trying to come to terms with his loss. The author portrayed the characters well and their reactions were believable. It moved at a good pace and kept me reading. I think this would appeal to contemporary romance fans, and possibly chick-lit fans, though to a lesser degree, as it hits all the right tropes for the genre. I would recommend it.

Samantha Gregory for Readers' Favorite

Time Will Tell is a delightful story of the power of love, family, and friendship to stand up to the hardships of life. The trials that Sabrina and Scott face while adapting to the 2020 COVID pandemic mirror things that so many of us have seen, and it's refreshing to see something good come out of that confusing and tragic time. Their emotional journeys, both separately and shared, give readers hope that good things can come from tragedy and disappointment and that it's always possible to find healing and new beginnings. Annette G. Anders does a wonderful job of telling a charming and intriguing tale of emotional development, hope, and courage. It's a heartwarming and realistic story that readers will enjoy. I highly recommend this book for lovers of romance and contemporary novels.

Sherri Fulmer Moorer for Readers’ Favorite

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Annette Anders wrote a lovely romance story that I could relate to. I had been in a seven-year relationship that ended, and by moving to a new town, I found myself capable of moving past my ex. Being a social worker for families, Sabrina’s ability to pick up on Scott’s depression was a strength that I found interesting. Likewise, in Time Will Tell, Sabrina presents as confident and independent, yet her insecurities were also easy to discern. The character development was thorough, and I could connect with both, since their motivations and thoughts were realistic. The transitions between the views of Scott and Sabrina were seamless. The friendship they developed made any chance for romance possible, but their actions were plausible to me. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a slow burn, realistic romance.

Stephanie Chapman for Readers' Favorite

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Annette G. Anders delivers a delightful story in Time Will Tell. Having the story placed during the beginning and middle of Covid times bridges any gaps between characters and readers because of the relatability in experiences. Both Scotty and Sabrina were such wonderful characters who portrayed just how important the traits of honesty, trust, and communication truly are and how these traits may form the most solid of foundations in relationships. Time Will Tell carries the message of how when we’re ready to let go of the old so that we may make space for the new, what comes through is more than we could ever ask for simply because we opened ourselves up to the possibility of something great.

Cayla-Paige Nortje for Readers' Favorite

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