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April 2021


I want to tell you something super exciting! When you signed up for my newsletters, I promised that I’m going to share news with you first.

So: book 3 in the Full Circle Series, TIME IS ETERNITY, is with my editor. And this week, I approved the cover for it.

Before I reveal it on social media, I want to give you an exclusive sneak peek, including the (unedited) working blurb.


Some ties aren’t meant to be cut.

Life is good! Luca Harrison enjoys spending time with his trusted group of friends and isn’t shackled to a wife and children. A promotion to his dream job rounds everything up nicely. But right when he embarks on his new endeavor, one friend is tying him in knots in more than one way. And while Luca is resisting his own feelings, he’s also wondering if maybe he got his priorities wrong.

Josephine Alberts believes in the grounding energy of the moon and in the strength of friendship. She has many dreams, and New York City is the place to achieve them. But when a series of tragedies leave her vulnerable and broken, she must turn to the one person she doesn’t want to burden—her best friend, who left her when she needed him the most. The man she wants to spend eternity with.

What will it take for Luca and Jo to bridge the distance and to heal together?

TIME IS ETERNITY is a book about overcoming loss and the power of friendship.

Details about pre-order deals and the exact release date will be coming soon.

Do you love it as much as I do?

The feedback I received from beta readers about Jo and Luca’s story is wonderful, and my editor told me Jo and Luca are her new favorite couple—and she was already a big fan of Stella and David, and Naomi and Revan. I’m itching to give the story to you in September.


In other news… I never thought it’s something I need, but one’s gotta go with the times (or so I’ve been told!), and now I have a YouTube channel. If you’re curious, check it out!


And in case you missed my Live Chat with fellow author Tina Hogan Grant, here’s the link to our interview, A Cuppa and A Natter.


Upcoming events:

Instead of author takeover, I’m participating in a CELEBRATE WOMEN event on May 8th, including a giveaway of several books. I can’t share details yet, but will let you know as soon as I have more information.

I hope you’re all enjoying spring and hopefully we’re past seeing snow! I know I’m looking forward to sitting outside with a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea and read. My TBR list is sooo long, but I love having many books to chose from!

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