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The heart is the best guide.
Unless, of course, we ignore it…

Praise for Annette's Work

Turn Back Time Proves an Unlikely Yet Wonderful Blend of Love Story, Travelogue and Thriller...

Wonderfully immersive descriptions.

Sherri Daley for

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About Annette

Thank you for visiting my website. As a lifelong avid reader, I always dreamed of writing a book, but didn’t find the inspiration until I was in my fifties. And my muse continues to whisper into my ears… Feel free to browse my website and welcome to my fictitious world.


About Bellini's Mimosa

An emotional novel where true love, not mere romance, takes center stage.

Mimi Albizia is nearing the end of a six-month sabbatical in Italy. Before resuming her old life in Boston, she immerses herself in Venice’s enchanting blend of beauty, romance, and enigma. Unbeknownst to her, a chance meeting with a charming—and very sexy—stranger leaves her with a longing that she can’t shake off.


Jake Bellini is in no hurry to accept his predestined role at his family’s resort hotel on Martha’s Vineyard. He prefers to follow his passion for winemaking at his uncle’s Tuscan vineyard and keeps romantic entanglements light. Until an encounter with an intriguing woman awakens new desires within him, and he realizes life is about much more than grapes and stunning sunsets.

Find out in this award-winning love-at-first-sight romance if Mimi and Jake’s sizzling attraction is enough to overcome the distance.

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About Paloma In A Pickle

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A sizzling tale of shattered dreams and thriving in the face of challenges.

Losing her artisan café hurt Paloma Schlemmer more than breaking up with any boyfriend ever did. To rebuild her life and set new goals, she accepts a temporary job at her friend’s catering business on Martha’s Vineyard. When her pal’s charismatic brother becomes an irresistible distraction, and ignoring her feelings for Matt proves impossible, Paloma finds herself in quite a pickle.

Matt Bellini braces for another demanding season at his family’s resort hotel—with no room for romance. Yet his sister’s sassy new catering manager invades his thoughts and steals his focus, and the more Matt is determined to push aside his unsettling longings, the more Paloma finds ways to sneak under his skin like no other woman before.

Find out in this fast-paced opposites-attract romance if Paloma and Matt can gather the courage to navigate the complexities of love or if their doubts keep them forever apart.


About Nicki Got Spunk

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Happily-ever-after is so overrated...

Ditching her cheating ex-fiancé was the best decision Nicki Albizia ever made—although he might disagree. When Raymond keeps turning up in her life like a bad penny, Nicki heads to Martha’s Vineyard for a breather. And why not have a vacation fling with the sexy, down-to-earth hunk she meets by chance? Little does she know that Parker comes with more baggage than she bargained for.

Parker Haynes loves his Army life, far from his family's stifling expectations. But when his ex-girlfriend unexpectedly drops a wiggly pink bundle in his arms, Parker has to turn to his family for help—an uncomfortable move for a man used to handling missions solo. His plan to treat this situation like any other assignment—go in, deal with it, and get out—goes awry when he falls head over heels for Nicki.

Find out in this single-daddy romance what it takes for Nicki and Parker to heal their broken hearts.

The Full Circle Series by Annette G. Anders

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