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IN DUE TIME Release Day Approaching Fast

March 2021


It’s almost spring, we had a few beautiful and mild days here in CT last week. And it’s almost release day for IN DUE TIME. I’m getting very excited to get the book out into your hands, the feedback from ARC readers and Readers’ Favorite reviewers is amazing.

Did you know that TURN BACK TIME is on sale until 3/23/21?

While IN DUE TIME can be read as a standalone book, it increases your reading pleasure to be familiar with the characters. Because…not only do we get to know Naomi and Revan better, we also find out more about Stella and David.

Would you like to read the first chapter of IN DUE TIME? Check out the post in my blog.

If you want more, take advantage of the pre-order sale for the e-Book at Amazon.

Upcoming events:

I have several author takeovers and interviews lined up. Including my first LIVE chat on March 29, 2021. Make sure to join those fantastic groups and meet me there.

I hope you’re all safe and healthy—and thank you for your interest in my books. It means a lot to me and I appreciate your support in spreading the word about my stories.

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